L05工作简介 Iintroduction of L05
Extreme Light (XL) II laser facility
Extreme Light (XL) III和实验诊断设备(Extreme Light (XL) III femtosecond laser facility, target area and experimental diagnostics)
Laser Driven Ultrashort Hard X Ray Source
Laboratory Astrophysics Studies
Proton Acceleration in Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions
Filamentation Nonlinear Optics of Ultra-Short Laser Pulses
Generation of High Powerful Terahertz Radiation
Laser Wakefield Electron Acceleration
Generation and Transport of Fast Electrons
Fast Electron Beams along Target Surface Irradiated by Intense Laser Pulses
Theory and Simulation on Relativistic laser-plasmas
2015 The international year of Light